Portrait of Samuel Snopko

Samuel Snopko

Creative FrontEnd Knight & DesignOps & Speaker with a passion for the JAM Stack and the beautiful web. Co-creator of the DX Meetup Basel and co-organizer of the Frontend Meetup Freiburg. During days & nights works as a freelancer on various commercial & community projects and talks. Excited about Design Systems ✱ Animations ✱ Workflows ✱ Sass ✱ Speaking 💚 VueJS 💚 NuxtJS ✱ Storyblok CMS ✱ 🍻🍻🍻

I am always open to discuss a new project, so don't hesitate and contact me using Twitter or LinkedIn.

Check my LinkedIn profile for more info about me and the projects I've done. Don't miss my next tweet about web on Twitter under @SamuelSnopko. Btw I am always happy to give a tech talk for meetups. So contact me on twitter/linkedin.

PS: This is only a temporary page. New one is under construction with NuxtJS. Stay tunned on Twitter & check my recent project Schrift Bewegt or more on LinkedIn! 😜